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I played the Heavenly Sword demo and its great and finally I got a nice flat screen TV HDMI man what a difference it makes in the graphics.....don't know how I played without it


I'm not used to that kind of games because I never played PS2 games... as a common user... I just tried PS3 when I go to my friend's home. What a complicated thing to control a character and kick a lot of enemies asses at the same time... they attack you from your back... :P I will get used soon anyway!



;) Bye!



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I do i do =]

And i love it. Its just a Versitile as the PSP and soon the ISO Loader will come out!!!! Connects to my PC PERFECTLY! and im gonna buy "The Warriors" as my First Blu-Ray movie. My next and Last Blu-Ray movie will prob be Goodfellas. Add me on PSN : Don_illmatix

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My PS3 has been on for 2 months straight. It likes me. :D


Clarify please.


Well, you know when the light is green? Yea, it's been green for a very very long time now. I leave it on mainly for remote play purposes. It's so neat! ^^

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