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I just took the hardest test of my life. :(


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Chem tests are easy for me, but I have a lot more difficulty dealing with calc tests.

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Every test I take can be potentially devastating to me, unless it is an english test. Hope for the best, expect the worst I always say.


I have this knack at botching tests easily. I don't know why that is... perhaps I'm just not thorough and meticulous enough, and end up paying the price, time and time again. math is always extremely difficult for me, regardless of what kind of math it is. Sure, there are exceptions, but those are far and in between.


Which reminds me, I scored poorly on my first math test (2 tests in one course) and the second is coming up in a month or so.


Seriously, you guys are geniuses in my eyes.


Man do I feel sorry for you.


I am just the opposite, math is really easy for me. Last test we took was a midunit test, I studied for it about 15 minutes, no more, made a 100 A. In our class, the first 15 questions and answers are given to us in the form of a study guide, and the rest of the problems you can easily do if you just know the concepts, which are also easy.


Failed my drivers test the first time btw, but I attribute that to an asshole as I was the last test of the day and he did some asinine things. Like making me park in the entrance to the test center and "pretend" I was on the shoulder of the road, then ding me for not signaling when I was really just going straight ahead.

Dinged me for stopping for 2 seconds at a stop sign instead of 3. Bastard.....


Wow that sucks. When I was doing my on-street training drives, all my instructors wanted to feel was the car's weight shifting backwards, then I could go. Sometimes kids started to go before the car even came to a complete stop, but the instructors didnt care that much. My last instructor was the most picky, as she was the only instructor i had who took off any points for anything - and she took off points for my lane position. She kept grabbing the steering wheel so she could move me 6 inches to the right - like it really mattered. Lol.

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