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fbaxxx pro source code released!


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i see over at xbox scene +T+ has released he source code for fbaxxxpro1.28.

he says that he just dosent have time to work on fbaxxx pro anymore.

he said if anyone wishes to use it and share it around then they can!

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As has been pointed out in another topic, there have been alot of new driver additions to the PC version of FBA. Some of these are for games that are currently unemulated on the Xbox. Adding most if not all of these to FBA-XXX Pro should be fairly straightforward and I wish I had the time to do it myself but I don't.


So I'm making the source to the last FBA-XXX Pro build available in case anyone wishes to give this a shot.


Here it is, feel free to share it around.



Even though I don't have an xbox, downloading it now!

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I have a problem when i try compilate FBAxxx Pro. When i launch the option "build solution" under Visual Studio.net, he returned to me the following error message:


"error PRJ0019: a tool returned an error code from performing custom build step".


and the compilation stopped...


PS: i think my configuration is ok because i can compile Bendermameox on the same PC.


Edit: sorry for my horrible english...

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