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What is the most awful video game you ever played?

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The first one was probably the only one I didn't have a problem with, It wasn't fantastic, but it wasn't terrible either. Unlike that garbage sequel they put out. The third one I guess is better, but its still the same repetitive systematic bullshit as the other ones. All you have to do is learn the timings/combinations of the weapons and you can't lose, you just do the same crap over and over. Its a game that limits your success by how many stupid tricks/glitches you know.


There I said it.

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Toy Racer for Dreamcast, it's terrible

Have you played Flinstones Viva Rock Vegas? Putting that game into your Dreamcast is like intentionally infecting someone with herpes.


And how can you guys be hating on Rev-x? I loved that game in the arcade. ^_^ The fun part was always shooting the cat in the alley for bonus points.

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I normaly avoided bad games, the only time I have been suckered was when I was a kid and knew jack about games.


I got a boy and his blob on the NES.

Everyday I wake up and choke my self for a good ten minutes to remind me of my cruddy purchase.

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Halo wasn't too good. Worst game ever played? That might be exaggerating a bit, but to each their own.


Playing a game where you practically only have 1 point of health backed by a crappy shielding systems plus no pickups besides crappy weapons dropped by the enemy sounds pretty awful to me. Plus it ripped off Red Faction (which was far better) and some book I don't remember the name off but 3294698236426 people drool cuz it has purty cinematics. Don't get me started on the retarded idea of involving melee weapons with an ammo count.

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