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consoles you used to own but traded, sold, etc


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Rather you used to own an Atari2600, or a 3DO, write how it disappeared off your hand and how do you feel about it, any regrets?


here's mine:


Game boy original - *sigh* can't remember how it's gone, but i miss the days of playing those set of games in one (50 in 1, 200 in one, etc).

Game boy pocket - gave it to a friend since I rarely play it or havent touch it in years.

Nintendo 64 - traded to eb games for a gamecube (yeah i was stupid back then)

Playstation One - solded to eb games I think

Nintendo DS phat - solded to a professor at a university, since it was very high demand when it was launched for about $170 included mario 64 ds.

Neo Geo Pocket Color - stupidiest mistake i made in school, bought it for 40 dollers including metal slug off a friend but later traded to another friend in Uni because I needed a damn graphing calculator (those things aren't cheap).


the only biggest regret is NGPC, I missed having it. That time, I didn't know about SNK vs Capcom card fighters but oh well.

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I use to own:

Several Gameboys (mono)


A Sega Genesis / CD

A playstation


I sold the gameboys, lent the NES to a girl and never got it back, gave the Genesis and playstation to my gf's (now ex gf's) little brother. :S I offered to buy the Genesis back from him, but he'd already sold it. Little crap.

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I've never sold any of my consoles and I never plan to. That stuff is just off limits IMO. Too many priceless memories.

I agree completely. Still have all my old systems intact and such plus all the games for them. Feel like I'll regret it someday later when I actually feel like playing them again. Plus, the price you sell/trade them for is usually not worth it.

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Had a 3DO and a Jaguar I sold, don't regret selling either as they were both overpriced as were their games that sucked for the most part.


I now have a 3DO again, but after selling the games off I made a profit while KEEPING the hardware. Have no use for a Jaguar, ALL the games suck.


Had a Gameboy, broke it. Not sure what happened to my SNES, though I think I gave it away.

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Today I gave away my SNES.


My mother found it (yes) about a year ago, and I repaired it (there's a thread around here someplace on that), but I never had much interest in it.


When I moved most of the stuff to the new house it went there too.


Today, my best friend and his family visited, and the boys spotted it immediately and said "A Nintendo 64!! can I have it??". I had to explain that it was actually a SNES (which they'd never heard of), and yes, they could have it.


So it's gone. No loss to me as I never made much use of it.


But they also brought over their white Xbox360, with a fan unit attached, and Halo 3 running. They set it to Legendary level (the hardest) and I watched them get killed, and get killed....

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Hey thats nice. It reminds me of the thoughts I had about this. The younger ones not knowing what our old systems are. Does not make me feel old though.


So yea, I had the basics.





N 64



This is my 3rd or 4th PS2. I've gotten rid of certain systems, due to circumstances one way or another. And I regret it. It's not that Id play them all the time, It would just be nice to fire it up one day. (whichever system) Well when I got the slim PS2 I decided to never let it go. And therefore, my game collection grew and grew. It would be bigger.... but I've become broke. I think I'm at 65 games for the PS 2. I love me some used games at GameStop.


My games are amazing. Although I don't play them a whole lot lately. Like I said, it's nice to fire up an amazing game when the mood hits you. And yea... Thank god for emulators. Even though I miss those old controllers................

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I sold my Pokemon Edition GBC to get a GBA. Biggest mistake ever. :D Also sold my GBA to get a GBA SP, GBA SP to get my DS, and my DS to get my DS Lite.

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