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Anime characters you just cant stand!


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Negima from Negima, I hated how he sounded like an old woman instead of a kid

Well, he's supposed to be ten years old, plus the his voice actor is a woman (well, voice actress).


I know it was a woman that voiced him which doesn't bother me, Its the fact that he sounded old when I know I've heard better kids voices from woman voice actress

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All of them? I think anime is a plague that should be shipped back to Japan along with Hentai/Manga.

Now hentai is a total different story. I used to hate anime only becuz it was everywhere. I think you have the same reason. You cannot deny that anime has a great deal of good shows. But i do think anime is most of the times on the same rubirck:


Harem anime:

one weak guy, a bunch of hot girls,

The main girl is always voilent and knows some kind of karate.

Even though girls throw themselves at him, he never gets laid.

He always manges to walk on the violent chick when she's half naked, but he doesnt run away! He waits till she knocks him out.

The main girl is always coc-k blocking.


FIghting anime:

japanese signs in techniques,

Always the cool guy who never flinches,

Then the guy who's a hothead and always yelling,

Mostly someone uses handsigns.

The annoying chick who's weak but alwys jumps in the friggin fight

BLood & gore that america has to clean up,

There's at least one sexy girl with revealing outfit who fights.


Comedy anime:

mostly perverted comedy,

There rarely isnt any anime comedy that isnt ecchi..

School girls.....Enough said.


Every anime:

Someone with glasses who always has to it put up to thier face. then the glasses shine off some kind of imaginary light.

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Anime mives overal tend to be a lot better than the series. Not to mention that a good portion of all the anime that gets licensed in the US feature unbelievably obnoxious dubbing, save a few exceptions.


Manga is another matter though, the localization often shines. Hentai.... well, hentai is just hentai and I won't go into that.

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No, not really. I've seen many on TV, and it seems anything that has been imported to North America is trash.

The ONLY anime I've seen that I like, is a movie and I've only seen it undubbed/unsubbed.





Hey... I heard that anime like DBZ and even Saint seiya was broadcasted not much time ago.... when was it?? The true is I really considered anime as a boring thing just for a certain kind of people who shares a common like for Japanese culture ... here they are called frikis or otakus lol! ;) I watched two funny videos at youtube, one about Goku bein a little bit angry for those guys who invent drawings about him with strange transformations (with a bad art skill design) and a guy who is always giving bad opinions about Xbox... and this time he explained the difference between otakus and Frikis.. lol (it was in spanish lol) very funny.


In my country anime came a looooot of time ago... they were those 70' and 80' series which were quite dramatic... robotech was one of them...




that's the reason I always liked science fiction cartoons related with robots... then a lot of time after.. I considered to start watching anime to practice english reading. I watched some series in Japanese with English subtitles... Cartoons are quite good for this purpose because they are very expressive... and funny at once... but I've always hated Female character voices. They're annoying and loudly disgusting.


However, US cartoon design are quite better.. Nothing compares with X-Men for sure!



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