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My XBox 360 games


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LSD is playing gears 2.......................i Hate you =\



yeah im going to try and get it early myself since I still have the gamestop hookup...saw him playing that yesterday>.<


Currently enhoying Soul calibur 4, the Orange box(might trade it for fable two) and Tales of vesperia. love SC4!

Lol, you guys are just jealous. Seriously, GOW2 is more fun than GOW with better graphic, better story (GOW1 couldn't hold my interest for long), great refinement on gameplay (love the curb stomp and neck breaking and the chainsaw ass rape!) and great ways to get achievements. Go get it guys and this is coming from a guy who is not interested to finish GOW1 :P

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Just got Mirror's Edge in the mail today. Haven't had a chance to play with it. Will let y'all know tomorrow.

Just beat it earlier today, best game I've played in a while.


Next game I'm going to get is either MKvDCU or Sonic Unleashed.

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