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dead already?

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Geez, this thread has kind of spiraled away from my original idea for starting it. I merely wanted to state that there's little or no movement for the past week or more in this part, and that's all. Somehow it's turned into whether or not you like mugen or whether or not it should be talked about here at all. I'm getting upset with what people are thinking about the very facet of this site that brought me here. I really regret even saying anything. I truly do.


Don't get me wrong, I LOVE mugen, and I am happy its helping keep the site active. I am also glad that we have a MUGEN forum and I used to post there form time to time. May start again sometime.


I hope you do. I noticed you used to frequent there when I looked through the old posts, then I thought what happened??? :supernerd:

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WOW! Can you feel the love? Lol


Never been complimented so much in my life. Thanks guys.


And I'm glad to help. Anything and everything Ive learned I am willing to impart to other young learners, and I will stay in this forum until it decides to completely self-implode and spiral into oblivion.


I'm never leaving this forum, unless I die, or the forum does. Whichever first. Its totally my goal to get people to see just how great MUGEN is! The old 2-D fighters were the works of geniuses (and some not so old fighters; Guilty Gear X for X-Box anyone?).


As for suggestions, I simply wish there were some way here to access characters and stages easier. As of late, I've been bounced all over China and America trying to find such for my mugen (it got deleted, oh no!)

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