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how can i change it to say master instead of beginner?

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*Wraps his arm around Teck64*

Just make sure you keep it up there, since by the looks of it you like to squeeze bats.


I see the sparkle in your eye Teck :blink: ! I see that you wanna reach the top! I can feel the power of determination flowing from you! :devilboy: You plan to become not only premuium! But Ultra! THen Maximum! Then you'll aim for Admin or mod! You'll have the power of Odin himself!!! DOnt you see it TEck :o ! Cant you see into your future!!! :wub:

Then when you've bored being the marvelous beast you are, :showoff: you'll aim straight for GameCop's spot.....and then you'll fail at a miserable end! :death:

*shed tears* :crybaby:

Thats the destiny of you and I!! Thats the destiny of a winner!! :1st:

YOOSHA! :clapping:

.....................................oh yeah... You just need to make 100 posts.....-_-...

laughing1.gif Now thats Comedy! :clapping:


Anyways, the reason I asked about the premium thing is I might come here more often now. I originally come from a@h, then moved to Havoc, I was a mod at both, then I got into a fight with XXL Enigma (I'm pretty sure you know that nutsack) and cost me my modship over at a@h. If you look at his profile, you can see on his signature : Teck's girl is a hoe LOL. I as a mod at havoc, but stopped visiting due to me getting married, and having a kid, But now after 3 years I'm back :banghead:

I wouldn't dream of taking Gamecops place, Hes always seem like a cool guy to me.


furthermore, I'm still getting my feet wet in this forum, seems like you have a few strange members, people that love money, homies from havoc, and of course people that like bats. :P I look forward to more post from you Shoma :angry:

Glad you like it here. I enjoy reading your posts and some of them are really funny. Hope you stick around. So which members are weird?

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