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Xfire 1.82 released

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Release notes for 1.82 - October 8th, 2007


* Note: All Xfire In-Game 2.0 features currently only work with the Xfire, Standard, and Shadow skins.

* Added the ability to send and receive one-to-one voice calls from Xfire In-Game 2.0 games.

* Added an Options button/tab on the main menu of Xfire In-Game 2.0 to control new features:

* Added the ability to see a clock in Xfire In-Game 2.0 games.

* Added the ability to see a frames-per-second counter in Xfire In-Game 2.0 games.

* Fixed several issues with specific key combinations in Xfire In-Game.

* Added Xfire In-Game 2.0 support including the mouse to the following games:

1701 A.D Act Of War - Direct Action Act Of War - High Treason Ancient Wars - Sparta

Area 51 ARMA Bad Day LA Battlefield: Vietnam

Bet On Soldier Black & White 2 Black & White 2: Battle Of The Gods Blitzkrieg 2

Broken Sword - The Angel of Death Broken Sword - The Sleeping Dragon Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30 Call Of Cthulhu

Call Of Juarez Catz Cellfactor Revolution City Life

Cold Fear Commandos Strikeforce D.I.R.T Dark Age Of Camelot - Catacombs

Dark Age Of Camelot - Darkness Rising Dark Age Of Camelot - Labyrinth of the Minotaur Dark Age Of Camelot - Trials of Atlantis Devil May Cry 3

Dogz Dreamfall Driv3r Dungeon Siege II

Dungeon Siege II Broken World Earth 2160 Empire Earth II Empire Earth II Art of Supremacy

Enter the Matrix Eragon Eutropia Universe EverQuest II

Evil Genius Faces of War Fear Extraction Point Fear

Halo Marvel Ultimate Alliance Need For Speed: Carbon Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Need For Speed: Underground Need For Speed: Underground 2 Overlord Painkiller

Painkiller Battle Out of Hell Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Splinter Cell Double Agent Single Player Tabula Rasa Beta

The Lord of the Rings - The Battle for Middle-Earth The Lord of the Rings, The Rise of the Witch-king The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-earth II Tomb Raider Legend

Two Worlds


* New games supported: World in Conflict, Team Fortress 2, Peggle Extreme, Mayhem Intergalactic, Mayhem Intergalactic Demo, Crysis MP Beta, Frontlines: Fuel of War Beta, Drift City, John Woo Presents Stranglehold, NHL 08, Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII, Big Mutha Truckers 2, Fortress Forever, The Settlers: Rise of an Empire, Babo Violent 2, and CodeNameD: BlueShift.

>> Get it HERE.

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