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New Sigs =]


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Oh no way that ghetto blaster in the first pic is legendary, It's one of the loudest, bassiest, ridiculous ones ever mass produced. I've seen one in person and id pay almost any amount of money for one. The name escapes me at the moment, made by some company that begins with a J I think (Not Japan Victor Corporation AKA JVC) and theres no way ill remember the model number.


nice sigs ;) I like the hockey one too!

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I like the transition between red and blue, but did you add that stereo in, or did he originally hold it? It looks too heavy to be held with that small bar at that angle without his arm being pulled down.


but otherwise, nice ;)

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Some ghetto blasters are insane they have record players and disco lights in them and stuff.


Do you listen to Wu-Tang Clan? I think they are fantastic i've yet to find another rap group who has lyrics like they do.

I own the Entire Discography. Lol

There will never be another Wu-Tang. Bad enough Hip Hop has artists like Soulja Boy.

I doubt were going to get another successful group in Hip hop at all. Last group to be successful Flopped entirely this year (G-unit)


Teh Golden Age of Ghetto Blasters

Lol@ the Fatboys in Krush Groove. Classic :blink:

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