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PSX Burn Problem


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That's a hacked image. Some piracy groups found a way to hack that logo which can corrupt some games preventing them from loading on real systems but they often load find on emulators. You'll have to find another copy of it.

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I 've had some problems like that... but now I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or my old console is dying. I got an image of Dead or alive for psx, but it doesn't work in my console (it works on my emulator). I got stucked in my 3th disk of FF8 and I've recorded it a thousand times,, but it doesn't load the scene where the protagonist rescue rinoa from the lab.. near the end... A friend of mine told me about record them to 2x... but I though speed was not important.... what the hell? ;)


RUBIO strider_anim.gif

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