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Home Made USB charger!


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Well, I was bored, I saw one selling on the Net, so I decided to make my own since it didn't seem like there was a fuse or a box between the USB jack and the DC IN jack, well I just used some simple electronic tools that were in a Tide Washing detergent box that has a bunch of random stuff in it. I found the right size of a DC IN jack from a 6 volt adapter that hasn't been used for like 5 years so I cut the end off(gave it plenty of its own wire in case of accidents up to like 100 or so.) and I had a bunch of USB cords in a drawer in the basement with a bunch of extra stuff that never got used. So that's how it all came together. I used some tube things that you combine wires safely and I also used a small bit of generic Wire to test the polarity(the pins from the Voltage Meter couldn't fit in) of it before sticking it in, as it would mess it up bad(or so I think).


The PSP uses 5 Volts, a USB hub gives off generally ~5 volts, at peak(for me) 5.23. Electricity is smart because it only sends what it needs, you can't force electricity where it can't go somewhere, that way, it lowers down to 5 volts to fulfill the requirement.


Here are some pics for those that are interested in what it looked like.



















Ohh, and did I mention it works with the Wii!?(Ironic isn't it :D )(its just power so no data is actually being sent back and forth)


Don't mind the game, its only showing that it works while charging and this isn't some funky edited thingy


Red wire is power, Black is Ground. Here is some more info on that stuff so click here for it.


If you EVER attempt this, TEST THE POLARITY! very important to know, or else you might regret it.

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What was the voltage check on that thing.


The PSP requires exactly 5 volts

"Supplied voltage by a host or a powered hub ports is between 4.75 V and 5.25 V"

kinda saying that on average it will be 5 volts, and if the PSP is requesting or "tugging" for 5 volts, that is the exact it will get. I know some stuff on electricity :D


ohh, if you are talking about the meter, it is on 20 volt check

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Ok, we dont need proof. We believe you. Any moron with half a brain cell could have made this.

nah, any moron wit half a brain cell would have fried their psp by sticking copper wires dirrectly from an outlet into their psp :)


I don't care about the fame of it, but I kinda feel proud that I made it, I mean sure I could just by a $2 one off the internet, but what's the challenge of that? Plus Its good to make use out of things that have not had a use for several years.

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