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Best Playstation emulator using ISOs


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dont know if someone has already asked this but here it goes.



also, which one is best for using ISO files? i cant burn games on discs cos my CD/DVD drive is broken.

I'm using powerISO for virtual drive


...AND does it matter if the BIOS is PAL or NTSC?(are there different BIOS for those)


or does it even matter whether u'r playing NTSC game or PAL game whatsoever when using emulator?



im kinda new to all of this but i've been aching to play some games that i havent played for a long time (like Klonoa AND Tombi/Tomba..!) and you cant really find the originals anymore for a PAL playstation


:thumbsup1: thanks

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I recommend getting rid of PowerISO as it has been known to corrupt PSX images in the past. If you want a great, free virtual drive program get Daemon tools as it supports nearly every image format.


For the bios it normally doesn't matter when emulation is concerened and consoles in different regions have a special bios for that region and console version so there is about 20-30 different PSX bios out there including the new PSOne models. DO NOT however ask where to get them here as it is against the rules to do so.


If you really want a good emulator ePSXe comes out on top (for now) with tons of graphical enhancements and netplay support which of course also demands a lot of power from your computer for the enhancements. pSX The Emulator (yes that is it's name) is coming in at a close second but is nearly matched in compatibilty as ePSXe. It doesn't have any enhanced graphics settings but at the same time also doesn't require the use of plugins making it the easiest emulator to use for anyone new to emulation.


ePSXe supports direct loading of single track ISO images. pSX on the other hand can load ISO, cue/bin, CloneCD (ccd/img/sub) and Alcohol (mds/mdf) images (Alcohol image support added in verison 1.13) and can also boot discs directly from any CD-ROM drive. It also supports CDDA support in directly loaded images which no other emulator can do.


So armed with all that information it is now up to you to decide which emulator you want to use.

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