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Why use antivirus? :D



that's what I've been trying to say as well.... if you know what you are doing, it's a waste, and nothing more...

You realize that you CAN know what you are doing and STILL catch a virus right? AntiVirus is just a safety Precaution. better Safe then sorry.


and do YOU realize that if you DO get a virus, if you are smart about it CAN be easily removed, right? If you do get one, no big really... the payloads on virii now are pathetic compared to the virii of the 90s where it would corrupt every single file it got it's hands on. I mean really, I wouldn't be so critical of antivirus proggies if they didn't fucking eat up resources like an Ethiopian kid at a Golden Corral!

That is not a reason not to have an antivirus..........because "i think i know enough to protect myself". Thats retarded. What happens when you catch a virus that leaves you with one option: Reformatting?? It happens to the best of us. Sad enough to say there are people with no lives that are extremely talented and spend thier entire lives finding ways to catch the "Smart" people. There is ALWAYS someone smarter. But you do whatever makes you feel safe. Doesnt bug me.


I think it's a rather good reason thank you. I just don't want some program slowing everything else down because it has to check every little tiny fucking thing that goes through your PC. and oooh, a reformat?! OMG IT'S THE END OF TEH WORLD! A windows based PC needs a good reformatting from time to time anyway. Loss of personal data? eeh I've used recovery programs that have restored lost files fairly easily, and even so, a smart user will backup anything important anyway. And true but their may be smarter people out there, but if you are cautious enough, they won't touch you. And OH YEAH and what about those 0-day virii that appear out of nowhere? You know, those ones that spread like wildfire before the big antivirus companies can release an update to their software?! Yeah, don't feel so fucking safe now, do ya buddy?


if you are that damn paranoid about getting infected, I have two words for you. Learn Linux. That is all.

You basically took all my points and Said "Meh, So what" Not bringing up any logical reason to not have an antivirus besides Being "Cautious enough" Ive yet to be infected by any virus and i plan to keep it that way. Even if it does mean Hogging up ALL THESE RESOURCES:


My computer Slows down at the THOUGHT of running this antivirus :)

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have u guys ever wonder if ur anti-virus is really working or not. cuz mine rarely say anything about me gettin virus. it's either i'm surfing the web safely which i doubt or that my anti virus isn't picking everything up. it seems like what most ppl get now are Trojans and ad wares and not viruses, not sure if it's true tho.

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All I read is blah blah blah who needs an antivirus blah blah blah who needs a firewall.


System resources would be a problem if you were running something like 512mb of ram. Mine doesn't hardly take that much at all compared to my total (2gb). If you're that anal about having nothing running, uh, disable features?

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