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PSP Slim and Lite firmwares dumped by DAX


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Via eXophase:


What’s that? The new firmware on the PSP Slim and Lite has been dumped in less than 24 hours, by none other than Dark_AleX.


How was this done? That’ll remain a secret, but considering there is no firmware 3.60 EBOOT even available, you can draw the line from there.


Alex has no intention of releasing details on how to dump the firmware at this point, due to the fact he is retired from the scene after all, but at the very least it will offer inspiration to other homebrew teams such as M33 and Wildc*rd.


Full picture of the dumped files: HERE


This could very well lead to a custom firmware for the PSP Slim and Lite... If it does, I'm ditching my PSP-1000 faster than you can say "Dark_AleX rules."

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It is unfortunate though that games run in the bordered mode- I suspect emulators and such will be subject to the same.


So its probably not going to be a real portable Mega Drive / Playstation with a custom firmware, but it should be close enough.


EDIT: A progressive scan TV is required for game TV-output? Wtf? I dunno how I missed that little point... guess I won't be getting one after all.

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