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I have a couple invites


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I have 5 invites, but I'm not giving them out unless you promise to read the rules and follow them!


There's nothing newer than 1999 for PC, and the newest console you'll find stuff for is Dreamcast. Requesting or posting stuff against the rules, could wind you up with a ban if you're ignorant enough times.

You MUST keep a ratio above 0.3 with 5GB or less downloaded or you'll be banned in 28 days if you don't get your ratio up. After 5GB you are still subject to this, but in probably even faster fashion.


If you aren't going to make me look bad for inviting you, hit me up!

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For those of you that I did invite -- this weekend is Golden Torrents Weekend...


'What's a Golden Torrent Weekend?' I hear you n00bs ask.... well, during a GT weekend the tracker treats Golden Torrents a bit differently.




- Anything downloaded on a Golden Torrent during the weekend will not count towards your download amount!

- And to reward seeders: anything uploaded on a Golden Torrent during the weekend will count as double towards your total upload amount!


So, basically: Everyone's a winner!

Visit the front page of UG for more information!

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Yea I'm going to mega download everything one night, then upload it all the next day entirely (Since it's the last day of summer, I'm going to be out all day exploring my mind so its all good)


Woot I got me all Mega Drive, all Nes, all Snes, and all Silent Hills :). FTW!!

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