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ElSemi's CPS3 emu on xbox


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i saw this quoted on SRK. update from Wesker, apparently.



"Finally it has happened. ElSemi is carrying its emulator of CPS3 for Windows to Xbox. At the moment it does not have it release public and it will take a little in arriving… but I have had the honor to be able to prove a very premature version and is able to load stable the 60 games working to fps with sound.



Similar miracle has been possible thanks to the use of a VMS, since the 64 Mb of xbox remained short; and a series of optimizations made in the code. By all means not yet there is interface, neither options nor nothing… or I say to you that he is very green. I will be to You informing!"



:D :D :D :D :punk::thumbsup1:


i couldn't be happier about the xbox :D i hope 3s runs perfectly!

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Excellent :thumbsup1: I'm looking forward to Warzard on the xbox. Hopefully he implements some sort of rumble, or opens the source (I'll add it even).

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