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What was the game's name?

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It was long ago, I dont remember the games name, and it could have been for Genesis as well.


It was a 2d platformer in super mario world style. I remember that you can ride on Dragons. The first 2 were blue/red, one was shooting from tis mouth and the other one was shooting from its tail. And I remember there was a skateboard to use as well.


THe first world was forest like, and the final boss of that was floating around the last level. However If you didnt beat the boss he changed his location in the world. Either the boss was a tree or the last area was a big tree.





More I dun remember please help me.

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Unfortunatly not. THe Protagonist is a human Im pretty sure. Im not sure if you ride dragons or dinosaurs. But the only available in the first world are a red and a blue one. and Im sure you can have a skateboard in wonderboy style to.

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Actually Dino city is it not, but I recall some things of Adventure Islands. Especially the first level, I saw at youtube movie. I may have mixed up the skateboard part. Super aAdventure Islands with the skateboards in eggs I remember. But the thing with dragons isnt in there, especially the graphics are more super mario forest level style in the gmae I mean.

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