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My Releases and past works.


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I haven't been here in a good while due to a past situation that is now resolved, Thanks GC!





Nekkyou no Hiryu



Insane Hiryu Rebirth




Requiem of the Damned (interactive)



Meteor Storm (Interactive) Regular and Hi-Res Versions


My Works can be found at http://club-syndicate.net

Downloads > M.U.G.E.N.

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I forgot my hiryus were password protected because they were for beta testing in the past and allowed my forum to have it.


They were prematurely released but its been long enough.


Insane-Hiryu.rar = onlyabetajustyouwait


N_Hiryu.rar = notfullydonebutexpecttheunexpected


I have updates in the works.

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Nice characters, I'm sure that they are great, but I quit mugen awhile ago.


Due to it's poor programming, and it's handful of unfixable bugs.

Taking note of this comment in relation to my original reply.

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when you download mugen there is a docs folder that tells you most of what you need to know to make the characters there is also a faqs in there. and there are notes written in almost every file.


Due to it's poor programming

please elaborate

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