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My game consoles


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Well this is what i have, some of these are in a big box in my closet.


Atari 2600






Nintendo 64



GB (Original)

GB (Pocket)



Nintendo DS


Genesis (model 2)

Sega CD (original)

Sega Saturn (original)

Sega Dreamcast (original)



Playstation 2

Playstation 3




XBOX 360





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You name em I got em from the pc engine to the Xbox.


I modchip consoles for a price too. Have modchipped more then most.

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Did you actually buy that 32X?

Yes I did, after it had pretty much flopped though so it was cheap from a market stall with about 5 or so games, something like £59 in total for it with the games so it wasn't too bad as it had Star wars Arcade & Doom plus a few other good uns

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So whats the deal with XBox 360 modchips, what exactly do they do? My understanding is that they allow you to hold two firmwares for the drive, so you can switch between the modded firmware and the factory firmware.


BTW i like your avatar olaf

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