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Why has 1emu suddenly gone gay?

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Really now, was it necessary to freakin include adds into each and every word we type? This is really a huge deterrent for me in coming here and posting. We freakin hate adds. Next thing you'll be implementing are premium accounts or what? Seriously this is extremely gay.

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I like the ads :P


And if i want to help 1emu, I clicked it. At least i am helping to keep 1emu alive, Axl.


What did you do?


"Always ask what did you do instead of asking what people do for you" - wisdom words from numerous people I have met.

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I see no ads. But i have adblock Plus :P


Shame on you mate, really shame on you.




Some sites (including mine) have acutally switched from graphical and contextual ads, to the standard (& the unblockable) text-link-ads. Most webmasters say that text-link-ads does better because it more professional than any other type of ads (pop-ups being the least professional). Text-link-ads is all done in PHP/ASP (server-side) rather than Javascript (client-side).

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