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No$GBA v2.4c released


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He says he wants feedback from programmers not casual users. The thing about saving is that you have to save the options so that No$GBA uses them the next time you load it instead of reverting back to the defaults. Set the options the way you want them including the Save Type option and then select Options->Save Options and the next time you go to save and load it should work.


The author has said on his main page that he will not reply to emails about how to use the free version. I wanted to add a direct quote but for some reason I can't find it anymore.

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I contacted the author some time ago... and I never got an answer from him... How are WE supposed to give emulator feedback if HE doesn't care about it???


Or maybe that e-mail isn't working anymore??? Btw, the forums are also down so... I guess he is on his own... :s

What was the link to his forums?




Incredible... Forums are up again... :shootem:

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