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[1Emu Video] CPS3 Teaser (SF3: 2nd Impact) .. Hidden Characters!


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Some guys at Shoryuken forums posted these shots!






Pretty amazing stuff really. Hugo in SF3NG, who would have thought it? :D


No mention of how they did it either though :/

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Thank you. ^_^ Shin Akuma!!!! I noticed Shin Akuma doesn't use the CPU shin akuma's voice intro when he turns into Shin Akuma. hmm.


Noooooooo, why are all the text during the Rival and End characters in non english!!!????? Did he have to patch it into other then engilsh? :huh:


btw - The hacked rom works with Mame u3 version. So that means... more boss battles online if ppl share the same rom. :thumbsup1::clapping::clapping::clapping::punk::D

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