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New PSP exploit opens all versions for homebrew

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Yes you read it correctly - this exploit opens any PSP (up to 3.50) for homebrew.


One of our staff (DragonKeeper) confirmed it works.


Read the full article HERE, and for your convenience, we've attached the exploit for you to download.


Note: You need to own a fully-legit original UMD copy of Lumines.



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I can confirm this exploit works.


Also, it is a user-mode exploit that doesn't write to the PSP's flash memory. There is no chance you will accidentally brick by running this Hello World program, although any Homebrew Enablers or Downgraders released later using this exploit will carry some risk.

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Rob, you should also add the motherboards DragonKeeper used (TA-079 and TA-086). That matters especially because the TA-086 is the newest motherboard found in PSPs with the best protection. (Unless I've been out of the PSP scene so long that they've come out with a TA-087 or some such? :huh: )

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