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Sony's "JigKick" unbricker battery + software revealed


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Via DCEmu:

There was a PSP that Sony unbricked that was sent back to the owner with a memory stick inside.

The memory stick contained these items:


- Binary encrypted full NAND image.

- Required modules for system control for use by IPL of debug hardware.

- Logging module for debug log review (log is saved after full write).

- A file used for testing that the system plays well (usually a demo of a PSP game).


This memory stick supposedly unbricks any PSP.

But, you need a special battery in the PSP to load the files.


This battery is know as the "Sony JigKick".

It sends data through through the 3rd. battery pin that enables writing to the IPL from the memory stick.

Here are the battery specs:


- 1.1v-3.5v debug unit for connecting through the serial port in 3rd. battery pin.

- Transmission of data is UNENCRYPTED but uses a XOR algorithm for transmission (easily parsed and analyzed).

- Contains any number of IPLs (different ones for each motherboard revision (TA-XXX))

- IPL is loaded into the Kernel Memory. ME area seems most likely (IPL of the PSP is the same but missing 2 essential modules that the debug unit has).

- Contains ipl_mg_modules.bin and ipl_mg_nanddriver.bin

- IPL is encrypted in 3 stages. Easily decrypted to show stages, but not for decrypt each individual stage.

- Contains a 40x120 column TFT screen for display.

- Has a SERIAL port for PC connectivity.

- Seems to have a 32MB ROM IMAGE on Flash.

- 8MB of RAM.

- Nickel-Cadmium Battery Cell (possibly 76 hour battery life).

- AC/DC adapter port 15V.

- Contains 4 buttons (on/off, reset, connect/disconnect, menu).

- Arrow keys UP and DOWN for menu.



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Found it:

Mathieulh has implied that this is a fake created to stop people from speculating about the device...



So it's still not confirmed to be real or fake...

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