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What are "things" that lead to failure?

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Nothing and Everything

Everyone is a failure in one way or another but not by choice, a person could have everything from good grades and be the top in everything but in order to achieve this he sacrivices his social life and is an outcast, he belives he is a failure in life socially or vice versa. From little things like lack of coordination, public heckling, peer pressure, to thing that make us lose self control, all sins and vices.

We as humans believe that what we fail at is okay, that we did not fail, that the thing we cannot even sufficiently do, is okay because we are better at something else and that what counts, granted there is basis in this, the fact is we fail in life generally in one thing or another and if we payed attention to out failures more people would be commiting suicide. its human nature.


Failure in wikipedia means

"In general, failure refers to the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective. It may be viewed as the opposite of success."


its not laziness, lack of faith or other people its general life.


So failure is not something that can be lead to, it just is.

or is simple terms (Existing = Uncontrollable failure)






and my ranting is a failure so there another one on my list of things :D

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