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Post your picture (UPDATE!)

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It was acceptable in

the 80's


I know the image is kinda crude... it kinda all went fuzzy when I saved it. Prob should have chosen a higher resolution... anyway WHATEVA!

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that was the plausible idea...

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OK, some random pics around London. These are the last bit of new ones I have left by the way.:) Man I can't wait to go back for good.:D


















This last one is one of my favorites. There's a famous painting that was done when the Beatles came to Plymouth and were on Plymouth Hoe, as seen in this pic:




Well, we were right near there in this pic :D:



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Awesome pictures Plot! Thank you for saving this thread from the misery of our old foes. I think you're going to have a wonderful life in London.


It definitely seems like a very pleasant place to live. :)

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england rocks.

Id so love to visit.

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