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Post your picture (UPDATE!)

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I never really like how I look in pictures... so, I hide.




And yes, I know it is of crappy quality.


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Wiz, I totally dig your hair. I wish I could do that. Same with you Mooney. My hair just will not grow long like that. Mine grows into a mullet. :punk:


Anyway...finally I shall reveal myself. However, it is a photoshop of me. This is currently my Facebook pic.



Here is the reference photograph. I don't really smile like that or smoke.



Ugh. I thought I would never do that. It's the end of an era. Also, GameCop will most probably NEVER reveal himself. The man wears mittens for reviews so no one can see his skin.

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Hard upkeep of my hair, uses alot of shampoo and condition that would put a woman to shame probably on the amount I use.

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Nope, not even close, my picture is a few pages back. The guy in my avatar is the mangaka for Sayonara Zetsoubou Sensei.

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