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Funny telemarketer revenge

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Extremely slack to the telemarketer. Assholes who can be f.cked doing that crap should take the 5 minutes to get their names on the 'do not call' register, instead of getting their kicks from messing around some poor guy who is just doing his job.


I used to be a telemarketer and it always struck me how witty some pricks on the other end of the line thought they were when being a smartass to me, when if they really had 2 brain cells to rub together, or if they were really so inconvenienced by the thousands and thousands of cold calls, they would get some f.cking initiative and register not to be called. Lazy spineless assholes.


The guy in these skits should get a f.cking life.

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In Australia the list was established in 2002, online registration was opened in 2005 and since last year it has been a federal crime to call a number on the list.


The mass hysteria and hate toward telemarketers has only been a big thing in the last couple of years anyway.

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I've heard this before, it's funny as hell.


My mom actually took away our home phone (We all have cell phones), because of this. Not a day would go by without our house getting about 20-30 calls from telemarketers.

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I prefer this method:


- Pick up the phone, say "hello."

- Wait for the telemarketer (hopefully a real person, not a recording) to start talking.

- In the middle of their pitch, start laughing uproariously.

- Suddenly, in a very serious/creepy voice, say "We don't want any," and hang up.


It makes for some good times!

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Not only do I not know how to put myself on any "do not call" list, I've also heard that the list doesn't work. Neither do turning off your home phone and using cell phones, I get called on that, too.


I who is more rude, the one teasing the telemarketer, or the jerk who decided bothering people was a good job to apply for.

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