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if you haven't play one of these, don't poll  

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yeah now that you mention it i think i remember coming across the ROM a long time ago, but i never played it.


yeah i think there just money hungry so they release more versions xD

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maybe, they keep releasing different version of Pokémon. but MOST of they have the same gameplay type.


it is the same gameplay... just different story line for every saga thing and 200 more weird things to catch....

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No...er..ermmm....okay i kinda like emerald....


have you poll emerald here? I like emerald too (more than that ruby sapire version)

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I feel bad for the guy who has to Name all this Little things.


groudon is a Big thing.

most of Pokémon names sound funny when I first take a look on it. but, they feel farmiliar somehow as time goes

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