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mGalaxy v1.1 released

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Moving to News.


Perhaps members should Introduce themselves before they post stuff like this. This might be the only post this member will post.

This has been posted on other forums as well and even there the person has only made one post.

One forum I am at has already nuked the post.

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I noticed it was posted at multiple forums, however I am already familiar with the mGalaxy product, so it's not a problem.


It is easy to see that it could be interpreted as spam though, as the mgalaxy author has made no attempt, as you say, to introduce himself, or contribute to the forum as a member should.



Could you tell us about yourself in the Introductions thread, and maybe post in some other threads? Thank you.

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Strange behaviour?

Isn't the place in the forum to post news?

Sorry but I thought that it was!


No not really, Most people say hi before they give a plug to there site or software.

The forum is also for getting to know each other, Not just for news if it was only for news then there would be no forum. Robert as already stated knew about the front-end and moved it to the news section.

This section is only for staff to post news in.

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