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Snes9x v1.51 is out!

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A new version of Snes9x has been released today. There are binaries available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

The official sites are not updated yet, you can download the emulator from one of the mirrors:

Geocities download Mirror (JAP) - Nachs Download Mirror (US) - AEP Download mirror (Germany)


Thanks to Nitsuja there is also a Windows binary again.



Read the announcement here: Snes9x v1.51 Announcement


Snes9x 1.51

- Added DSP1 and SuperFX savestate support. (nitsuja)

- Added screen state GFX to save states. (optional) (nitsuja)

- Fixed desync when loading inconsistent state in playback. (nitsuja)

- When playback reaches a movie´s end, recording continues

instead of the movie suddenly closing. (after recording) (nitsuja)

- can now record resets and mouse/superscope/justifier(s) (nitsuja)

- Added same-line-comment support for config files. (nitsuja)

- input display for all controllers (including peripherals) (nitsuja)

- Win32: Now uses .cfg file instead of Windows registry. (nitsuja)

- Win32: open ROM dialog bugfixes and speedup and facelift (nitsuja)

- Win32: option to use standard file open dialog for ROMs (nitsuja)

- Win32: maintain aspect ratio and bilinear filter stretch (nitsuja)

- Win32: optional removal of the dreaded "black bar" (nitsuja)

- Win32: Added EPX,EPX2,EPX3,HQ2X,HQ3X,TV3X,DM3X filters. (nitsuja)

- Win32: Added hires support for Interlace and TV Mode. (nitsuja)

- Win32: text removed from .avi output (optional) (nitsuja)

- Win32: better directory management, customizeable (nitsuja)

- Win32: Screenshot support is back. (nitsuja)

- Win32: Netplay is back (but still not very good). (nitsuja)

- Win32: Made OpenGL Bi-linear an advanced .cfg option. (nitsuja)

- Win32: cheat search improvements (address, watch, SuperFX)(nitsuja)

- Win32: Added non-modal ("active") cheat search option. (nitsuja)

- Win32: new hotkey-config dialog and configurable hotkeys (nitsuja)

- Win32: Fixed joystick config in input dialog. (nitsuja)

- Win32: Fixed hires and extended height .avi output. (nitsuja)

- Win32: various small GUI improvements (nitsuja)

- Win32: Netplay fixes. (nitsuja)

- "Fake Mute" desync workaround option for movies, until

all ports have deterministic sound. (Bisqwit, nitsuja)

- Fix for save state blocks > 999999 bytes. (Bisqwit)

- C4 games now save C4 data in save states. (DeHackEd)

- Unix: Framework for high-speed seeking. Specify a frame

number in a movie, and the emulator will run at

maximum speed to that frame. Untested. (DeHackEd)

- X11: Support for window exposure. When a window is

damaged due to overlay, being iconified, etc. it will

be repainted correctly. (DeHackEd)

- Unix: parameter: -autodemo loads a movie for

playback on startup. Only the x11 code handles this

right now. (DeHackEd)

- Unix: parameter: -oldturbo, the turbo button renders all

frames when fast-forwarding. (DeHackEd)

- Unix: parameter: -upanddown, override U+D and

L+R protection. (DeHackEd)

- Unix: parameter: -mute, currently linux only, blocks out

audio output from your speakers while still emulating

sound. Not fully tested. (DeHackEd)

- Unix: parameter: -maxframes during movie

playback, snes9x will exit when the target is hit. (DeHackEd)

- Unix: parameter: -keypress shows to stderr and on-screen

the currently pressed buttons on joypad 1. (DeHackEd)

- Unix: Stream dumping (NOT COMPLETE). With -dumpstreams,

raw video and raw audio are dumped to videostream%d.dat

and audiostream%d.dat, where %d increments on each CPU

reset, starting at zero. (DeHackEd)

- Unix: Non-blocking sound on Linux. It makes seeking nicer.(DeHackEd)

- Unix: Configurable sound device. (pierredavidbelanger)

- configure.in now requires a sufficiently new version of

autoconf. (anomie)

- Fixed slow versions of branch opcodes. (anomie)

- Fixed the mosaic offset bug. (anomie)

- No sorting by priority in C4 command 00 00. MegaMan X2

can go behind the legs of the intro stage boss. (anomie)

- New RTO discovery, fixes Super Conflict: The Mideast

title screen. (anomie, byuu)

- A 1->0 transition on $2100.7 causes OAM Address Reset. (anomie, byuu)

- The final HDMA Indirect Address load is only weird

on the last channel of the scanline.

Touge Densetsu Saisoku Battle problem solved. (anomie, byuu)

- Fixed BGnVOFS bug. Only HOFS needs ~&7 update. (byuu)

- Fixed superfluous VIRQ triggers. (zones)

- Fixed missing IRQ trigger just after the previous one. (zones)

- Fixed missing IRQ while writing to $4200. (zones)

- Fixed IRQ timing after WRAM refresh. (zones)

- Fixed NMA timing after DMA transfer. (zones)

- Fixed superfluous auto-joypad-reading. (zones)

- Fixed missing WRAM refresh during DMA transfer. (zones)

- Fixed DMA so that HDMA and any HC triggered events can

run during DMA transfer. (zones)

- Roughly fixed the case that HDMA and DMA use the same

channel at the same time. HDMA kills DMA. Thanks byuu. (zones)

- Changed initial DMA registers values. (zones)

- Slightly modified APU execute timings. (zones)

- Fixed APU I/O registers to get/set the proper value. (zones)

- Blocked invalid VRAM writings, though you can turn off

this option due to Snes9x´s inaccurate timings. (zones)

- Omitted SPCTOOL, no one uses it. (zones)

- Added Sufami Turbo support. (zones)

- Added Same Game add-on cart support. (zones)

- Fixed HiROM SRAM and DSP1-4 memory maps a little. (zones)

- Improved mirroring. (Nach, grinvader, byuu)

- CRC32 on BS dumps now follows uCONSRT standard. (Nach)

- BS dumps now always run in NTSC mode. (Nach)

- Unknown regions (generally betas) default to NTSC. (Nach)

- Now support NSRT headers for setting up controllers. (Nach, nitsuja)

- Unix: Fixed command line help output. (Nach)

- Unix: Sound now defaults to 32KHz, Stereo, Interpolation

so Snes9x finally sounds like a real SNES by default. (Nach)

- Win32: Saner defaults for movie record. (Nach)

- Unix: Fixed crashing with mouse or super scope. (Nach)

- Removed some weird code which was crashing Korean

League and its varients. (Nach)

- Win32: Can now compile with MinGW. (Jonas Quinn, Nach)

- Win32: Can now cross compile Snes9xw. (Nach)

- Unix: SSnes9x compiles again. (Nach)

- Win32: ZSNES C4 and SuperFX compiles once again. (Jonas Quinn)

- Unix: Netplay Fixes. (Nach)

- Unix: Netplay Improvements. (Fabianx)

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