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WinKawaks 1.58 released


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Arcade emulator


* New drivers:

- Choko (Japan 010820)

- Jyangokushi: Haoh no Saihai (Japan 990527)

- Various CPS-2 clone sets

- Garou: Mark of the Wolfes (bootleg)

* Removed XOR's from all CPS-2 games. (Special thanks to Andreas Naive and Nicola Salmoria)

* Added new V3 ROM crc to rbff2 and clones.

* Added new V4 ROM crc to Last Blade and clones.

* CLRpro and ROMcenter DAT generation should be correct.

* Renamed some ROMs in SVC (MVS Cart version).

* SVC bootlegs now use the same 'C' and 'V' ROMs.

* Changed the size of the Samsho5 M ROM.

* Changed C ROM crc in pnyaa.

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