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Graphical Interface Issues

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I was trying to play Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, and it loads alrite, but there is something wrong with the graphics: Most of the pixels are blotted out, it seems like there are entire graphical layers missing.


I started a game, but the characters were just large blocks, and it was unplayable.


Is this probably an issue with my graphics card? the game? configurational issues?


Also, the dos screen reads: Read32 from 0x503464A0, not mapped [_vmem default handler]


Any tips would be great.



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You can stop trying to make the game look like it should. Intel's integrated graphics chips get you nowhere. They are especially poor for emulation. Get a decent video card.

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In spite of the alluring name, Extreme Graphics 2 is obsolete with its one pixel pipeline and two texture-mapping units (I won’t mention VIA or SiS today – their currently available integrated graphics cores are downright hopeless). It is like the long-forgotten TNT chipset from NVIDIA. Like the TNT, Extreme Graphics 2 has no hardware support of T&L as well as shaders.


Nuff said. Here's a breakdown of your "Crap on a chip"



http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/chipsets/display/i915g.html Your's on the right in the chart. Still no HW T&L, even though it supports PS 2.0..................wtf

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