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So my friend let me borrow his PSP

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okay nevermind, I did it, Successfully downgraded and then re-upgraded to custom firmware :D


Am i allowed to post the guides i used here? They where very useful and well written, I only as because they link to files which im not sure if they are illegal or not (although im pretty sure they are not, the firmware shouldnt be illegal, the pirated games are :thumbsup1: unless some of these files are owned by sony or something)

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what do you mean still in before brick...its already done with no bricking :)


alright well heres the sites i used, (mainly it was that QJ.net site)


Heres for downgrading: http://forums.qj.net/f-psp-hacks-9/t-guide...ware-90916.html


and heres for the custom firmware:



hope that helps.


BTW im still not sure on what the difference is in between putting emulators in the Games/Game150/Game300 or whatever folders is. I've just been throwing everything in 150 and it seems to work fine.

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