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Welcome back RaZer aka Jaegermeister

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So where is he? I remember him, but, where is he?


Ahhhh :)

Thanks good old Friend Sturmvogel :D

Here I am, Drake . Thank u too :) You saw that I was here ...


For to read the 1emulation forum u dont need to sign up .Everyone can read it .Whitout registry. In Realy, I never quit this site, cause 1emulation is one of the fastest (is this right languade written?-wrong ! ... sorry I mean very, very fast !), best emu site in the Internet !

My Hobbys are "Mame", "FPS", "Pinnball-emu" and Card games how it was before ....

Yesterday I was thinking about testing to log in here -*it was ok :)


sorry about my bad Englisch,I suck -I know, this site is great,


greetz Jaegermeister aka Andy :)

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I always wondered why you changed your name to Jaegermeister. RaZer is your true name hehehe....



Get on Skype Andy. I'll teach you English, for free!


Thanks Robert and olaf

"Jaegermeister" is my gamer name for some Multiplayer games .

Also for german sites :


This is a Arcade and Forum site .

"RaZer" is just username for 1 rom site (cant change name there) lol


greetz Jaegermeister :D

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