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An old forgotten emulation site....


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"The Founding Fathers" (of gaming emulation)




I remember back in '05 (or was it late '04?) when 1Emulation was going "legit b' quick" and I was acquainting myself with all the current emulation authors. We were trying to get a radio show going and I would try to message Keith (Owner of EmuFanatics / Admin of Emulation64) about different emulator authors I should ask. The problem was that I really wasn't familiar with anyone. That was a huge problem and so I began downloading emulators and looking through the readme files incorporated with each to try to figure out who was who. It took me a while to gather a list together and Keith also had a great interview section, which is still available at Emulation64 that helped a great deal.


Anyways, I was looking for an easy (as anybody would) to try to get as much information about each emulator author as possible. Keith's section helped, but I forgot about another site. That was the EmuCelebs website by Consollection. Although, even if I checked it 2 years ago, it would have been 3 years out of date; however, it would have helped tremendously. Now the site is 5 years out of date which it's a shame it hasn't got an update since. Infact, one person listed there, the webmaster of ConsoleEmul died a few years back (car accident if I recall). I believe we covered the story if anyone remembers or can find the thread. Hopefully, someone will the update site one day.


I really recommend you "die hard" emulation fans to take a look at the website to see who the founding fathers of the emulation scene were. It covers the webmasters of many early emulation sites, news posters, emulator authors, and more. I'm sure there are a lot of people missing from the site, but it sure seems they got a good chunk. Many of these people I never had the chance to talk to and very little of them still remain active. Also, you NeoGeo fans who came in during that 1Emulation era will recognize Billy Jr. with his picture and bio listed there. Infact, I believe I saw the EmuCelebs website first in 2002 because of him and his NeoGeo rom dumping controversies. (KOF 2002, CTHD2003, etc.)


Lastly, I know Keith has been in the emulation scene far longer than myself (he posts and visits here occasionaly). Miskie (Server Administrator) is also a veteran too. I also am good friends with Kojote, owner of PDRoms, but unfortunately I haven't spoken with him for a while. Oh, I'm probably forgetting a ton of people, but I suggest you all one day have a talk with one of these fella's I have mentioned and on the website (or an emulation veteran). You'll learn a lot. ;)


»» http://www.emu-celebs.consollection.com/

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That makes me remember the old time when I was searching NES/SNES/Genesis emus, retrogames was my first best site (and even my home page for years).

What happened to consolemul is sad too, even if consolemul was dead since a long time before the webmaster died (in a hit and run I think) :( .


I wanna thank all these webmasters in my name and in the name of all the emu beginners ;) (you too gamecop :P ).

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It's always good to remember those who started all this.

Emulation isn't just about emulating retrogames, it's imho also about the community, the ones that play all the games and share their passion with others.

It would be a lonely world for some of us without all those emulator developers out there and some, new to retro/classic games, wouldn't have the chance to play all those classics.


I really appreciate the work they do, be it a whole emulator or just a plugin.

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Man, I remember the good ol' days before production companies began perceiving emulation to be a problem. There wasn't any of that "no rom requests or else we'll be sued" crap or "hide your neogeo and nes/snes roms!" Although that autonomy was only present for one year when I got into emulation, it was still a good time damnit.

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Oh yeah! I remember those days Weirdy!

back when we were requesting roms here, and james was our provider.

Good ol' days on the iRC chan..... *sniff* *sniff*

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