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Complete Guide to DLDI


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Question Wich DLDI do I use for my SUperCard RUmble it shows 1 and 2 slot but I do not know wich one man I want to play my homebrew Quake.

The Supercard Rumble goes in the GBA slot (aka slot-2) of your DS, so you would patch it with the slot-2 DLDI file.

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well first of all, if it is rumble and mem card in the GBA slot, It should be SLOT-2(GBA slot), SLOT-1 is the NDS game card slot.



EDIT: I didn't see that there was a second page lol

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Please tell me on how to get a DLDI patched game to work on no$gba 2.6


i download the latest version of WarCraft Tower Defense Homebrewed Game which I needed to patch. I patched it with Win32 GUI DLDITool and a GBA Movie Player(Compact Flash) DLDI file wit a .nds file of the WarCraft Game


the DLDI tool patched it successfully but when i try loading it, it says an error on the touch screen


i don't remember what it is cause I deleted it


it says something like i needed to patch the binary..... i know that the binary is now patched (the .nds file is all i know is a binary file)


does it only work for the real DS consoles or am I wrong does it works also with no$gba


i'm confused cause I can run other homebrew games i downloaded here:




which is all i know that the authors of the games i download at the site i mentioned above patched some of the homebrew games with a SuperCard DLDI file and an appropriate DLDITool

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