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New Affiliate: Gamers Galaxy!

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Today we announce a new affiliate of 1Emulation: GamersGalaxy!




GamersGalaxy is a very unique gaming website which has a professional comic (much better than 1Emulation's Carl) twice weekly, a reknown PSP magazine (PSP Galaxy), gaming news, and a message board.


What is Gamers Galaxy?


Gamers Galaxy is a twice weekly web comic which pokes fun at the good and bad sides of video games. While often random, each comic can be read and understood individually, but there is a wider story arc which spans over the issues for readers who follow the comic. The two main characters are Brooke and Cameron, two gamers which are transported to "Gamers Galaxy" after an accident in issue #2.


Who creates the comic?


The comic artist is Prime (since issue #5) and it's written by Terranova. Both of us feed off each others work and edit what we think is necessary. Incidently, we also contribute to PSP Galaxy.


What is PSP Galaxy?


PSP Galaxy is an E-magazine which is readable on the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) system through the photo viewer. It contains feature articles, news and reviews of games and music. It also features the Gamers Galaxy comic. Mof is the editor and provider of the funny captions and articles.

»» GamersGalaxy (Check out their website!)

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Congratulations on the new affiliate GC, 1Emulation is getting bigger everyday.

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