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EBOOTS make me go crazy!

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Hey folks


Been having real probs trying to create my own eboots for the good old psp. I can get ps1 games that i've downloaded working fine but its driveing me crazy that i have to download a game i have sitting on my shelf. I'm using 3.03oeb and trying to create eboots using Popstation Gui 2.26. i'm converting cue. files that i'v ripped using cdrwin6 and magic iso but nothing works. I've tried givin PSX2PSP v1.2 a go but all i get is a message saying "Unable to open E:\PSP\12982_PSX"PSP_popstaion_GUI_1.2\Files\BASE.PSP" that always happens no matter what version or where i download it. Anyone who can help my headache will be a friend for life!


Cheers Doods


OK!! I've done a bit more research and i know realise that i need hotshots2 golf and rename the EBOOT.PBP to BASE.PBP and copy that file over with the Keys.BIN to the files folder where popstation.exe but i have no idea where to find it. can some one please help???

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