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What game would like us to review?

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Also, in FFVIII, How do you fight that weapon? what was he called..


Ultimate Weapon??? Omega Weapon??(<--I think this one)


I remember faintly that you can access him through a grandfather clock...


but I have never tried.....( and never seen a GFClock in the game)



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Well theres

Diamond Weapon (Fight During Shinra Attack)

Sapphire Weapon (attacks Junei Harbor)

Ultimate Weapon (Fight him while chasing him through the Highwind)

Ruby Weapon (Fight him in the sands to Gold Saucer)

and Emerald Weapon (Fight Him underwater)

Theres probably no GFclock in there oh well :D


Btw, Make a topic about FFVII before ranting about it :D

I'm going to say that this topic is only for reviews :D

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disoblige is right, besides all that info could be found almost for sure at www.gamefaqs.com

and aboout the 7777hp and damage belongs to a trick called lucky seven and youcan do it with any char :D

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