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Cyril Takayama


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this is very old but.. nevertheless brings joy to me when I'm bored. As much as I hate to say it, but this is the only illusionist I like. I hate blaine and criss angel (personality). Cyril is just different from both of them, he is too original when it comes to illusions or at least poke some fun into it as well.


burger trick (if I could learn it....)


great originality, he dressed up as a old man and do magic just for the funsake:



more old man tricks, gotta love the head falling off part lol



awsome card trick



more originality



mmmmm free coffee


not a fan of smoking but nevertheless.. great



theres too many of his great performance, worth a watch if yer bored sometime hehe

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I flockING LOVE YOU MAN! I love Cyril! The first card magic trick I learned was his "world's greatest card trick" which is still the best trick I still do for my friends!

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