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Tekken 6


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TEkken 6 :P


i know vf5 still pwns but this new tekken looks intresting

though leo looks kind of a rip off of a certain someone


warp effects look nice. Still not as impressive as namco initially lead us to believe.

but still worth a look


the site has a vid and pics

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No joke about the ripoff thing. I was thinking that the whole time... all his jacket needs is the big star with wings and wed have a lawsuit.


Virtua Fighter has never appealed to me either- I just got a copy of Evo and couldnt get into it.


New characters look gay but the graphics look cool enough. Itll be interesting to play at the arcade... and on the PS3 in 3 or 4 years.

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As much as Tekken is well, good, I still prefer VF over it. Apparently also if someone imported VF5, you got it in bilinguil english-japanese.

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Why does 2006 look worse?

That's the entire point.


"A look at the game as it was showcased at E3 2005, and another look at its E3 2006 appearance. Both times the game was demonstrated, the footage was touted as being in-engine."



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