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uTorrent 1.6.1 released

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BT client


--- 2007-02-13: Version 1.6.1 (build 489)

- Feature: Select upload/download speed for a torrent through the rightclick menu

- Feature: Added encryption box to speed guide


- Change: Don't check as many pieces at the same time.

- Change: Misc WebUI changes.

- Change: Switch to JSON for webinterface


- Fix: Problem with category list in the gui when updated from the webui

- Fix: WebUI not clearing state between requests.

- Fix: Redirect also index.html to guest.html

- Fix: Added On Now shows the time it's added, not loaded.

- Fix: JSON uses " instead of '

- Fix: (a) Upnp fix

- Fix: Show pause icon when checking is paused.

- Fix: Fixed problems with XML parser

- Fix: Don't allow two message boxes to be shown in the RSS window

- Fix: Changed some window titles

- Fix: Fix malformed .torrent exploit

- Fix: Boss key field is now larger

Changelog / Download

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