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First ROM you ever played?


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huh? cookies and milk with cream filled donuts???

Oh, well i got rid of that emulator so long ago and i remembered it as znes so i recalled it wrong.


My bad!

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whoa I was wondering how a thread could get so big in a few hours then I noticed it's from January!?!?

heheh anyways it was a old version of mame. I don't remember which rom a played first but I got em from mame.dk. man I was so lost for like 2 days when mame.dk stopped downloads. then I found abunch of really crappy sites. it took awhile before I found some simi-realiable sites.

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i think i already posted this but ill do it again. my first would be pokemon blue for gameboy color. again, i was so amazed that we can get games like that on our comp. how do u think i felt after i found out about the arcade emulation....=*)

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