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First Duke Nukem Forever screenshot in 6 years


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This news post basically covers it all: http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/45498


I am saddened that I had to come out of sabbatical to open this thread. ;) Just kidding, I don't blame anyone for not believing or caring about DNF anymore since as a fanboy even I sort of stop caring.


Anyway, enjoy this thumbnail sized treat. I must say it is a clever way to release the first screenshot and hopefully they will release more soon in a bigger size.


But...I think Duke looks weird. It's something his neck and head. He's definitely juicing.


The good thing from this small shot is even though it's so tiny you can see that it's not going to be a graphically dated game which is one of the worries people had. You can make out the hi-res model with HDR, soft self-shadowing and depth of field going on in that pic.


Ok, back to work. Be back in a few weeks (or before if some new major crap does down)


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Crazy, we'll still have to wait and see if anything comes of this. They should have just used another game's engine instead of trying to build one from scratch. Been waiting a loooooonnng time for this game.

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