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are you updating the actual emu? or just adding a collection of games to your already spiffy emu? i hope that i can find just the emulator in the "usaul places". i have the games already.

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immm adding a bit of stuff to front end and backend..... wont come with out as stand alone as it doesnt work that way...... the stand alone one has to many errors



Looking forward to this - missed your last release :P


One thing I have noticed that could do with tweaking for me is the use of Start & Back for quitting to the Menu.


On my Cab I have a credit button mapped to Back and obviously Start is P1 Start. When my kids are playing one will be pressing the credit button to get more lives and then the other will hit start to get their player back and - boom - back to the menu. Any chance we could change this - maybe white & black, that would work for me - or how about user configurable?

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OK 1 week guys.... give me a list of modes to run in... eg No options at all and keys to go back to menu changed to ? from start and back. In one week depending on whats said ill release a couple of configs to more fine tune it to the desires of people with cabinets....


Any reviews would be great or just what people think....feedback = better stuff. As alot of that stuff from this came from last suggestions

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