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Dark AleX's 3.02 OE-B Custom Firmware


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Damn, I had been hearing they were unrelated. Ah well I picked up the PSX port of Chrono Trigger aswell just in case. Any excuse to use this new emu lol.


They aren't related to a extreme point. Besides Chrono Trigger is shorter then Fable. But yea there are small tidbits and some things that connect one another in both of the stories which is why I advise you to play CT first. Also CT is a kick ass RPG even though it's 2d, I must've beaten it at least 10 times by now.



The same boss for the end of the game is in both games. One of the characters in CC is the son/daughter of one of the characters in CT (If I remember correctly, also I think was adopted because he/she was found in the woods with a gem around his/her neck). The main characters from CT appear randomly throughout CC as well, just to list a few of the similarities of the stories.


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