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Got a few questions


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1. you have to change the system.def so that the fight.def of the life bars you want to add is chosen eg:

if the fight.def file is in the bars folder my system.def would be

spr = system.sff ;Filename of sprite data

snd = system.snd ;Filename of sound data

fight = Bars/fight.def ;Fight definition filename

select = select.def ;Character and stage selection list


note that this folder must be in the same folder as the system.def file


2.check streetmugen...

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I find your reply quite hard to follow. I have custom life bars, and I placed them in a folder named bars. I then proceeded to add this folder to my data folder (the location of said system.def file; as you said, the folder has to be in the same folder as system.def). I modified the line exactly as you showed, so that:


fight = Bars/fight.def


When I proceeded to start up Mugen to check my progress, the window closed and I was given an error message, stating that the file fightfx.dff could not be verified. When I removed the command from the system.def file, my game resumed as normal.


Did I miss something, or did you?

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